Simian GUI supports initializing and updating tables of various forms. The most prevalent use cases are described in this chapter.

Regular-sized, editable tables

If you want to include a table in your form whose values must be editable by a user (possibly including adding and removing rows), you can use a DataGrid or EditGrid. The DataGrid supports in-line editing whereas the EditGrid lets the user expand a row and edit it that way. Both these components support child components of any kind: textfields, checkboxes, select components etc. Performance of the form may deteriorate when the table contains a lot of rows or columns (100+). If you encounter this, please refer to one of the other options described in this chapter.

Layout components in a grid

The Table component allows for adding components in a table/grid directly. However, this is mostly useful for defining the layout of the form, not for creating tables with a variable number of elements or for tables with more than a few rows. In order to display data entered from the back-end, use one of the other options described in this chapter.


The DataTables component offers many features for tables. It supports editing, sorting and searching of data and handles large amounts of data through pagination. Various options for customisation are available. The great flexibility of options does cause higher complexity in the setup and usage of the component.

Non-editable tables

If you would like to include a table of any size in your form that does not need to be editable by the user, it is advised to do so by using the HtmlTable component. The content of the table can still be filled and updated from the back-end.

Editable tables with many rows

If you want an editable table in your form that can have many rows (100+), it is advised to use a DataTables component. In addition to all kinds of customization functionality, it provides pagination for maintaining performance.

Editable tables with many columns

If you want an editable table in your form that has many columns (50+), you can simply use a DataTables, DataGrid or EditGrid component for this. A DataTables component will perform better than DataGrid or EditGrid components if there are many columns. For non-editable tables with many columns, the HtmlTable component may be useful.