Graphical user interfaces defined with Simian GUI can be tested and used locally with pywebview. The GUI can also be deployed on a server and can be accessed with an internet browser by users that have sufficient access rights. When deployed, the calculations behind the GUI are performed by the server and not the user's machine. The appearance and functionality of the GUI in local Python mode is the same as that in deployed mode.

Currently, Python versions 3.8 - 3.10 64 bit are supported. Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems are supported. To be able to use Simian GUI, a license file must be available.

Local use

During development of the GUI, it can be used and tested locally with pywebview. Refer to the Setup section for the steps required to do this.

Deployed use

When the GUI is ready it can be deployed on a server to reach a wider audience. There is not a standard deployment target for Python as there is with MATLAB. GUIs created with Simian GUI have successfully been deployed on the following environments (sorted alphabetically):

Other environments may also work as deployment target, but these have not been tried.

For more information on deployment, refer to the Deployment section.

When the web app code is deployed, the Simian Portal must be configured to connect with it, so that users can use it.