The Content component

This component can contain any HTML content. However, if you want to display an HTML table, it is strongly advised to use the HtmlTable functionality.

The Content component does not have a value and therefore it is not part of the submission data.

In addition to the properties listed below, this component inherits properties and methods from the superclass Component. For example, any Content component has a hidden property even though this is not explicitly listed here.


htmlThe HTML contents of the component.String
refreshOnChangeWhether or not to refresh the content when it changes.BooleanFalse
tableViewWhen true and the component is part of an EditGrid, the component's value is shown (simplified) in the collapsed row of the EditGrid.BooleanFalse

See also

  • Custom HTML tables can be created and updated efficiently with the HtmlTable functionality.
  • The HtmlElement is similar to the Content component in the sense that both display custom HTML.
  • The Hidden component for an example on how to change the displayed content after initialization.