The Html component

This component can display an HTML element in the form, for example a header, a table or an image.

Contrary to the HtmlElement component, the Html component has a value and therefore it is part of the submission data. The HTML to display can be set by assigning the defaultValue property during initialization and by using the setSubmissionData function after initialization (while processing events).

This component inherits properties and methods from the superclass Component. For example, any Html component has a hidden and defaultValue property even though these are not explicitly listed here.


tableViewWhen true and the component is part of an EditGrid, the component's value is shown (simplified) in the collapsed row of the EditGrid.BooleanFalse

See also

  • The HtmlElement and Content components allow for setting the HTML content through a property instead of the submission data. However, these are more difficult to use than the Html component.
  • The HtmlTable component subclasses this component.