The components in this section can be used to define the layout of your application, for example to add headers or to split the application into multiple columns. Click the name of a component to move to a more detailed description.

ColumnsSplit the form into multiple columns with this component.
ContentThis component can contain HTML content.
FieldSetFieldSet components can be used to create a group of an area of the form and add a title to it.
HtmlDisplay HTML in the application, for example a header, a table or an image.
HtmlElementThis component can display a single HTML element in the form, for example a header.
HtmlTableUse this component to efficiently display and update tables in your application.
PanelPanels can be used to wrap groups of components with a title and styling.
TablePosition components in a table.
TabsTabs allow you to add different components to one of multiple tabs/pages in the form.
WellAn area for containing components with a border and a gray background.