The Checkbox component

A checkbox is a box with a checked and unchecked state.

In addition to the properties listed below, this component inherits properties and methods from the superclass Component. For example, any Checkbox component has a label and defaultValue property even though these are not explicitly listed here.


hideLabelWhether or not to hide the checkbox label in the form.BooleanFalse
dataGridLabelWhether or not to show the checkbox label on every row when it is placed within a DataGrid component.BooleanTrue
nameThe HTML name to provide to this checkbox input.String
valueThe HTML value to provide to this checkbox input.String
inputTypeType of input. Can be 'checkbox' or 'radio'.String'checkbox'
tableViewWhen true and the component is part of an EditGrid, the component's value is shown (simplified) in the collapsed row of the EditGrid.BooleanFalse

See also

  • Use the triggerHappy functionality to trigger an event whenever the value of the Checkbox component is changed by the user.
  • Use a DataGrid component to create a table with a column of checkboxes.
  • For a component with mutually exclusive options, use the Radio button.
  • The Selectboxes component lets you create a group of checkboxes.