The Signature component

Users can draw a signature with this component.

In addition to the properties listed below, this component inherits properties and methods from the superclass Component. For example, any Radio component has a label and hidden property even though these are not explicitly listed here.


footerThe text to display at the bottom of the component.String'Sign above'
widthWidth of the signature pad.String'100%'
heightHeight of the signature pad.String'150px'
penColorColor of the pen used to sign.String'black'
backgroundColorBackground color of the signature pad.String'rgb(245,245,235)'
labelPositionPosition of the label with respect to the signature. Can be 'top', 'bottom', 'right-right', 'left-right', 'left-left' or 'right-left'.String"top"
tableViewWhen true and the component is part of an EditGrid, the component's value is shown (simplified) in the collapsed row of the EditGrid.BooleanFalse