Form definition

Why does my component not show up in the application?

It can happen that your component does not show up in the application after initializing, even though you have defined it in your guiInit function. This may be because the component was not added to a parent. As described in component nesting, you can provide a parent at the moment of creation, or add the component to the parent later on. If you do neither of these two, the component object is created, but it will not be part of the form.

If you did add the component to the form, it may be because you have specified a Conditional whose condition is not met, or perhaps the component's hidden property is set to false.

Why do I get an infinite recursion error when initializing my application?

This is most likely caused by trying to add a component to itself or to one of its descendants. In that case, the error stack will point you to where things go wrong. For example, this would cause such an error:

myColumns = component.Columns("col_key");
myColumns.setContent({myColumns}, 12)
myColumns = component.Columns("col_key")
myColumns.setContent([myColumns], 12)