Simian Form Builder (beta)

The Simian Form Builder can be used to build Simian web apps in a graphical environment, reducing the need to write code.

Simian web apps created with the builder can be used without having the builder installed. They do need Simian GUI to be installed to work.

Currently the Simian Form Builder is only available for Python.


To install the builder, make sure you have simian-gui and simian-local installed and running with a valid license. Then, in the same environment, run:

pip install --extra-index-url simian-builder

Getting started

Open the Simian Form Builder window

python -m simian.builder

The Builder opens and shows the default form.

Initial Simian Form Builder

Specify the Workspace folder and Module name.

Module settings

Click the Create module button.

Create button

This generates:

  1. A form definition file (.json).
  2. A Python module that loads the form definition file. The module can be run as a script to open the app locally.
  3. A css folder containing the modules style sheet.

Drag and drop components to build a form.

Edit component settings to change behavior and appearance.

Button settings

Click the Save JSON button to save the updated form.

Save button

Noteworthy settings

  • On the API tab the field Property Name contains the component key. It is automatically generated based on the label, but can be changed here.

  • The settings of the Component classes are equivalent to the settings that can be set in the builder.

Show preview


Nested application

Add a container to the form.

Container component

Save button

Open a new Builder window and create a new module.

New window

Submodule name

Create button

Add some component(s).

Save button

Run the preview of the main module.

Show preview