Add, remove, save and reset configurations

Add configuration

To add a configuration, click the Add configuration button. Fill in all mandatory fields and click OK. The new configuration will appear with status New. Save the configurations to make the change permanent.

Duplicate configuration

Existing configurations can be duplicated. Open the configuration you want to duplicate for editing and click the Duplicate button. The duplicated configuration will open for editing. At least the Application Slug must be changed to a unique value, before the configuration can be saved.

Remove configuration

To remove a configuration, open it for editing and select the Remove this configuration checkbox. Then, click OK. The status field shows Remove. The actual removal of the configuration takes place when the configurations are saved.

Save configurations

To save the configurations, click the Save configurations button. This will save all configurations with status New or Modified and remove all configurations with status Remove. Configurations with status Normal will not be saved, i.e. they remain as they are on the server.

N.B.: This action cannot be undone.

Reset configurations

To reset the configurations, click the Reset configurations button. This will discard all changes (New, Modified and Remove) and reloads the configurations from the server.

N.B.: This action cannot be undone.