These tasks cover the download and deployment of the Portal Server, and should be performed prior to any new installation or upgrade.

  1. Download Portal Server per instructions received per email.

  2. Transfer the downloaded file to your webserver.

  3. Extract the release. The extraction process should create a new directory webserver, in the remainder of this document this will be referred to as the <INSTALL_ROOT>.

  4. The <INSTALL_ROOT>/public directory is the root of the web application. The other directories at this level only need to be accessed by PHP itself and should not be directly served by the webserver.

  5. All routes that do not refer to an existing file or directory in or under the <INSTALL_ROOT>/public/ directory need to be routed through <INSTALL_ROOT>/public/index.php. A sample nginx configuration and a sample (apache) .htaccess file are included as appendices. These are starting points, the same routing result can be achieved in different ways.

  6. Documentation can be found under <INSTALL_ROOT>/public/doc. Index index.php needs to be served at this top level. It is advisable to serve index.html for sub directories. This can be accomplished in your webserver configuration or by means of .htaccess file(s).