cURL options

To connect to the back-end server, cURL options can be specified. The options must be provided as valid PHP curl_setopt key-value pairs.

cURL options

The values are categorized into five types:

  • Array An array of string values.
  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Text
  • cURL Constant The name of a cURL constant, e.g. for CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION you could specify CURL_HTTP_VERSION_2_0.
  • File Contents The file contents value consists of three parts:
    • File name The name under which the file will be saved on the server
    • Base64 encoded To switch between Base64 encoded and plain text contents
    • Value The actual file contents

To specify an option, fill in the Key and Type field. After selecting a type, the corresponding Value field will appear. Fill in the value and click OK.

cURL options editing

When specifying Base64 encoded contents, use the raw encoding. For example example becomes ZXhhbXBsZQ==.

ans =

>>> base64.b64encode('example'.encode('ascii'))