How to disable a component unless a condition is met?

The customConditional property can be (ab)used for this. We can follow the example on how to hide a component instead of disabling it and make a few changes: not hiding the button and changing the customConditional property.

cb          = component.Checkbox("TheCheckbox", form);
cb.label    = "I agree";

nr          = component.Number("TheNumber", form);
nr.label    = "Years of experience";

btn         = component.Button("TheButton", form);
btn.label   = "Continue";
btn.block   = true;
btn.customConditional = "component.disabled = data.TheCheckbox && data.TheNumber > 5";
cb = component.Checkbox("TheCheckbox", form)
cb.label = "I agree"

nr = component.Number("TheNumber", form)
nr.label = "Years of experience"

btn = component.Button("TheButton", form)
btn.label = "Continue"
btn.block =True
btn.customConditional = "component.disabled = data.TheCheckbox && data.TheNumber > 5"

The resulting form in action: