The graphical user interfaces created with Simian GUI together with your underlying model or application can be deployed on a server. The benefits of deployment and how to approach it are described in this chapter. How to deploy your Python applications is described here and for MATLAB, this information is presented here.

Key business value

The key business value of deploying your models and applications on a server are:

  • Models and applications are kept in production in a governed way. This holds for both the underlying code as well as (intermediate) results.
  • Any stakeholder with sufficient access rights can use the applications and run the models. 'Local runs' are also supported for developers. Both operational modes (local and deployed) look and behave nearly identical.
  • The computational power of your deployment server can be exploited instead of having to use that of your user’s machines.
  • Only one code base must be maintained for both local and deployed mode.
  • Applications developed using MATLAB and Python both have the same look and feel.
    • No MATLAB license required per user when using the deployed application.
    • Multiple MATLAB Runtime versions are managed simultaneously. This means that models and applications developed in different MATLAB releases can be used next to each other.